Sidewinder Strikes is located inside Freedom Lanes and, as such, we follow their open and close structure for the most part. Currently, for the summer, the shop is open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 6pm to 10pm. We can make arrangements for appointments outside of normal business hours if necessary. When winter season comes, we expect to be open at least five days a week.

Our pricing is competitive. We have limited space for product and stock, so the majority of our larger sales (bowling balls, bags, shoes) will be special order. However, most special orders take just a few days to arrive and balls can be drilled within a day or so, depending on current workload. Special orders require at least 50% down and the remainder of payment upon delivery. We do not charge for the drilling of a ball bought through us – that is included in the cost of the ball. We take cash, credit/debit cards and PayPal. No checks, please.

Services (prices and services subject to change):

Drilling (ball not purchased through Sidewinder): $40.00
— Fingertip inserts: $3 each (tax included)
— Thumb slug insert: $15 (tax included)
Thumb OR fingers fill/drill: $20.00
Thumb AND fingers fill/drill: $30.00
Existing thumb slug replacement: $20.00

Clean and buff/sand: $4.00
The Works (clean and polish): $6.00
Full hand resurface: $15.00
Diamond resurface*: $20.00
2 hour bakeout*: $15.00 (additional bowling balls $10.00)

*Bakeout and diamond resurface are offsite services; they require at least 24 hours to complete.

Be sure to get your preferred customer card – buy five clean/buff/polish services and the sixth is free (onsite services only)!